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A New Study Finds The Majority Of Men Believe Sexism Doesn't Exist

Apparently the earth is also flat.

BY Olivia Ovenden | Aug 28, 2016 | Sex & Relationships

The call for men to become involved in campaigning for gender equality has been echoed by prominent figures from Caitlin Moran to Emma Watson. But if new research is to be believed, there's nothing to worry about, as 56 percent of men—in the US, at least—believe sexism is no longer an obstacle for women in the workplace and other areas of life. 

The survey conducted by American think-tank the Pew Research Center interviewed 4,600 Americans to investigate views on sexism.  Whilst 56 percent of men thought sexism was no longer an issue,  41 percent insisted it still was and 3 percent didn't want to comment. We can only hope the numbers would be better this side of the pond.

Conversely, 63 percent of women said that sexual discrimination directly and negatively impacts their life and 34 percent felt they were treated the same as men.

Social science expert Peter Glick explained to The Washington Post why sexism may have altered over the years, making it more difficult to recognise:

"They [men] might be thinking about the more overt or obvious forms of sexism, but it comes out today in subtle, insidious ways. Look at the top of the hierarchy in just about anything and it looks more like the '50s than a lot of people understand." 

We won't start celebrating equality too hastily then.


From: Esquire UK