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Sort Out Your Flowers

How to choose the right flowers for the right person.

BY Carol RH Malasig | Mar 24, 2016 | Sex & Relationships


Picking out which flowers to go into the bouquet can be a bit of a struggle, with way too many choices and each flower having a different meaning (yes, they actually do). Tips thanks to Penny Choo of luxury flower subscription company, Bloom This.

For your wife of a few years

Peonies aren’t just gorgeous flowers. They are an omen of happiness and prosperity in a marriage. Granted that they do cost a bit more than your average roses, these lush flowers can be considered as more of an investment. Trust us on this. She will love them.

For your wife of over a decade onwards

Just because you’ve been married for quite a while doesn’t mean you’re letting go of the romance. Choo suggests giving your lady a bouquet of yellow daffodils to symbolise a renewal of your vows and a promise that you will stay true.

If you’re buying for a man

Flowers aren’t just for women these days. They transcend gender, age and preferences. For men, Choo opts for a cabbage-like flower called the brassica. “These flowers look edible, not so girly, and are quite funky,” she quips. Another option would be to use succulent lavender or add wheat to the bouquet to turn it into a great keepsake. Gerberas and lilies are also generally well accepted.

For the girl you’ve been dating for a couple of months

Choo suggests giving her a bouquet with calla lilies to symbolise her utmost beauty. There’s also a certain femme fatale look to the flower as well that gives off a sexy and mysterious vibe. Perfect for a budding romance.

For the long-time girlfriend

Relationships need work over time, and the longer you’re with someone, the more you have to work on to prove that the fire is still as strong as it was during the first few months. For that girl you’ve been with for what seems like forever, the ultimate symbol of love is dozens of roses. Red roses denote passion while white ones will give her the sense of security that you are loyal. White ones can also indicate a “promise” so you might as well get a ring ready—just in case.

Three more flower-buying tips:

1 | Never buy flowers on Valentine’s Day itself. Chances are, florists might be too busy to take your order, and bouquets are significantly more expensive on that day.

2 | Always go for pre-ordering, or you can do a post-V-Day bouquet. However, Choo warns, there’s no guarantee that your girlfriend won’t kill you if you give them late.

3 | In the event that your first choice is unavailable, go for her favourite colour. Quick swaps can also be as follows:

Peonies > Garden roses

Roses > Pink lilies

Stargazers > Tulips