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This Is How Much Money You Could Save If You Stopped Drinking Alcohol

Your nights out are costing you well into the thousands. Is it worth it?

BY SARAH RENSE | Jan 29, 2016 | Money & Career

Photograph from Esquire US

Here's a solid reason to quit drinking that you probably have never considered: according to Time, if you head to the bar an average of two nights a week, you are spending about USD160 per week, or USD664 a month, on alcoholic beverages.

Twice per week means one night after work—with two drinks, an order of food, and tip (if you are nice)—and one night during the weekend—with multiple shots, cocktails, and snacks.

Total, that's six or seven drinks a week, which puts you in the top 30 percent of drinkers in the US. (The top 10 percent of drinkers polish off an inhuman 74 alcoholic beverages every week—by this point, their livers are merely theoretical.)

Are your nights out worth USD7,000 a year? That seems like a personal question. On the bright side, going out twice a week targets your wallet more than it does your brain cells.

First published in Esquire US.