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Reacting To Nike's New Video Game 'Reactland'

The Epic React activation seems like an eerie projection of the future.

BY joy ling | Mar 30, 2018 | Fitness & Health

Some sneakers look amazing, fit well in the store, but give in to performance issues after purchase. Nike is not one to have this problem, but they just had to bring home the point. Enter Reactland, the immersive video game launched in China to allow customers the best way to test the new Nike Epic React. It’s straightforward. While you put on a pair, they put avatar you into the 8bit world, which runs along the iconic landmarks across the globe as you work on the treadmill. 

It’s pretty damn cool, and would totally work as an incentive at the gym, but are we the only ones thinking... Fifteen Million Merits?

From: Esquire Singapore