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A Chinese Club Has Offered Over RM1.4 Billion For Cristiano Ronaldo

But will he go?

BY nick pope | Jan 4, 2017 | Fitness & Health

There's a theory, amongst your mates who did A-Level maths, that the recent trend of super rich Chinese clubs offering astronomical amounts of cash for lowly benchwarmers could burst the industry's financial bubble and whisk Western football back to the dark ages (AKA the 1980s).

That may or may not be true. But if one Bizarro World deal's going to do the job, this could be it.

According to agent Jorge Mendes in an interview with Sky Sports Italia, an unnamed Chinese club has offered Real Madrid EURO300m (around RM1.41 billion) for 31 year-old forward Cristiano Ronaldo, placing a EURO100m-a-year contract deal on the table for good measure.

Luckily for Real Madrid, the TV viewing public and the natural balance of the universe, Ronaldo reportedly showed no interest in the deal.

"From China, they've offered 300m euros to Real Madrid and more than 100m per year to the player," Mendes said.

"But money is not everything. Real Madrid is his life. Cristiano is happy at Real Madrid and it is impossible to go to China."

So far, Chinese super clubs have only managed to attract out-of-favour players from England and Spain, along with a couple of high-profile stars from lesser leagues - and they've had to shell out massively for the privilege.

But if the Chinese clubs' purses stay jangling, it can't be long before megastars start making the trip.

From: Esquire UK