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Why Arsenal Are The Football Equivalent Of Ralph Wiggum's Broken Heart

Stay with us here, we have proof​.

BY Nick Pope | Nov 1, 2016 | Fitness & Health

"Watch this, Lise. You can actually pinpoint the second when his heart rips in half."

Ralph's wrenching despair at being rejected by Lisa on live TV, played frame-by-painful-frame on the Simpsons' VHS player, has become one of the most enduring moments in the show's history.

And it's easy to see why. We've all suffered heartbreak. That stomach-churning cocktail of utter sadness and debilitating embarrassment. We've all played the part of Ralph, one time or another.

But no one understands that feeling more than Arsenal fans.

Every year the Gunners supporters get their hopes up—falling head over heels for Arsene Wenger's captivating squad of twinkle-toed world-beaters—and every year they are ultimately let down.

And as you can see from this /r/soccer graph, you can actually pinpoint the second when their hearts rip in half.

This is Arsenal's average points-per-game in each month under Wenger's 20-year command. 

And well, would you look at the date. Can Arsenal do a Ralph Wiggum and ultimately get over their problems? Only time will tell.


From: Esquire UK