Man at His Best

The Filipino Men's Diving Team Is Really Bad At Diving

​But they have a great sense of humour about it.

BY Gina Mei | Aug 10, 2016 | Fitness & Health

While the Olympics are meant to be a celebration of the world's greatest athletes, for the Filipino national diving team, they've instead shined a light on some of the country's most disastrous performances.

Recently, a video of Filipino divers John Elmerson Fabriga and John David Pahoyo at the 2015 SEA Games has gone viral again due to their less-than-graceful dives. Both scored zero for their performances—Fabriga landed on his back while Pahoyo landed on his feet—but good-naturedly embraced the whole thing with an incredible sense of humour.

Sharing a double high-five after their dives and laughing at how poorly it went, it should probably come as no surprise that neither of them will be competing in the Olympics this year.


From: Cosmopolitan