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Scientists Claim We Do Have A Sixth Sense After Alló'Body Awareness'

Don't worry, you're not going to see dead people​.

BY Editors | Oct 4, 2016 | Fitness & Health

Scientists have claimed that we do have a 'sixth sense' after all—body awareness.

Body awareness—or 'proprioception'—has nothing at all to do with ghosts, Bruce Willis or child actors who look weirdly like old men but is the product of the newly discovered 'intuition' gene that goes beyond taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing.

Given the official scientific name PIEZ02, the gene was discovered when two people—aged nine and 19—with a rare genetic neurological disorder were put through various tests. When blindfolded, they couldn't walk without falling or follow the movement of their own limbs.

They were determined to be lacking the 'intuition gene' which enables us to balance and co-ordinate our bodies.

Neurologist Dr Carsten Bonnemann, of the National Institutes of Health in Maryland, said:

'The results establish PIEZO2 is a touch and proprioception gene in humans.

'Understanding its role in these senses may provide clues to a variety of neurological disorders.'


From: Esquire UK