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Putting The ‘Ab’ In ‘Syabu’.

In just 3 minutes a day, get a six pack and become a drug kingpin.

BY Jason S Ganesan | Jun 30, 2016 | Fitness & Health

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Of all the gimmicky home fitness gear that people get in order to avoid going to the gym, the Ab Circle Pro probably comes a close second to the Ropeless Jump Rope.

Aside from getting you that six pack you've always wanted in just three minutes a day, the ‘As seen on TV’ Ab Circle Pro can now also make you a millionaire drug lord!

Provided you don’t bump into any cops, that is.  

Police busted a 30-year-old Indian national at Jalan Ipoh for drug smuggling, which led to the discovery of nine boxes containing unassembled Ab Circle Pros—with millions of ringgit worth of syabu stuffed inside.

Clearly, the would-be kingpin had been doing this for some time, because he and his syndicate were confident enough to smuggle a whopping 78.84 kg of syabu worth RM 4.7 million in the machines. Imagine how shredded you’d get just lifting 78.84 kg of syabu for three minutes a day.  

Cops are now hunting down the remaining members of the syndicate, who are believed to have been operational for just four months.

Unfortunately, the suspect probably won’t have much time to get jacked in prison (if convicted), because he’s being investigated under Section 39B of the Dangerous Drug Act 1952… you know how that ends.