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Malaysian Medals So Far

With two silver spots and a bronze medal, Team Malaysia is making us proud.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Aug 18, 2016 | Fitness & Health

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After last night's thrilling battle at the mixed doubles badminton finals, Malaysia's medal tally is at three medals so far with two silvers and one bronze. Here's a brief look at our star atheletes that has scored us those beautiful Olympic medals.

10m Platform Synchronised Swimming



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Winning us our first medal on the third day of the Rio Olympics 2016, Pandelela Rinong and Cheong Jun Hoong took home the silver for 10m platform synchronised diving. 



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Pandelela Rinong Anak Pamg hails from Kampung Jugan in Bau, Sarawak and is 23 this year. She was the first ever Malaysian female athlete to win an Olympic medal and was the first in any sport other than badminton when she got us the bronze in the 10m platform diving event during the London Olympics in 2012.



I was qualified to compete in 3 events in the Rio Olympics 2016, being 3m springboard individual, synchronized 3m springboard, and synchronized 10m platform. I have now completed my part in the Rio Olympics 2016. My results are as follows: 5th for synchronized 3m springboard, silver for synchronized 10m platform and 21st for 3m springboard individual. Although my performance was not at its best in the springboard events, rest assured I have tried my very best until the very last dive. I will not deny that I felt disappointed with my performance at the 3m springboard events but it was the best thing to be able to stand on the springboard and the platform to compete with the best divers in the world. I truly believe that to be able to participate in the Olympics is every athlete’s ultimate dream and to be qualified to compete in this world class event is definitely not easy. Therefore, despite the inevitable highs and lows in a competition, to me the most important part was to enjoy the process. Regardless of whether the results were good or bad, they are now in the past and I believe that we should all remain humble despite the victories, and stay strong despite the failures. Every day is a new day, a new beginning. 这次2016里约奥运会我达标和参加了3个项目那就是:3米单人、双人和10米双人。现在的我已经完成了在里约奥运会的比赛。成绩是3米板双人第5;10米双人银牌;3米单人第21。虽然这次跳板的比赛发挥不佳,成绩不是很理想,但是我真的是尽力拼到了最后一跳。 虽然多多少少是会失望和难过,但是能站在板上和台上跟全世界最好的运动员一起比赛就很棒了。奥运会也是每个运动员的梦想,最高的舞台,能达标参赛已经很不容易。享受每一个过程就好了。这就是比赛,有高有低,有好有坏,有赢有输,也是最刺激的一点。 不管结果如何,都将成为过去和故事,好坏也是如此。赢了不骄傲,输了不气馁。每天都是新的一天,新的开始。

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Hailing from Perak, the 26 year-old Cheong Jun Hoong competed in the women's syncronised 3m springboard event during the London Olympics in 2012 but failed to take home a medal. Despite that, she won her first medal in the Rio Olympics 2016. 


Men's Keirin Cycling Track



Taking home the bronze for the men's keirin cycling track event is Azizulhasni Awang, the 28 year old Melbourne based rider who hails from Dungun, Terengganu. One of the most highest ranking Asian cyclist, Azizulhasni has won the gold in various keirin and sprint events such as the Asian Cycling Championships, UCI Track Cycling World Championships and made headlines when he was involved in a serious crash during the finals of the keirin event for the 2010–2011 UCI Track Cycling World Cup Classics where a 20cm wooden splinter pierced through his leg. Despite that, the man better known as the pocket rocket due to his small stature brought home the bronze in the Rio Olympics and became the first Malaysian cyclist to win a medal there. 


Badminton Mixed Doubles



Twas a bittersweet lost for us during the badminton mixed doubles when Chan Peng Soon and Goh Liu Ying lost the gold to Indonesia's Ahmad Tontowi and Liliyana Natsir. Despite the lost, both Chan and Goh stood proudly to receive Malaysia's second Olympic silver medal. Chan Peng Soon, 27, hails from George Town Penang while Goh, 27, comes from Malacca. Both have been regular partners throughout their years playing the mixed doubles category but their partnership took a hiatus in 2014 when Goh underwent a knee surgery fix the issue of her aggravating right knee. Their partnership resumed after her 11-month recovery period. 


Who's next?



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Malaysian badminton doubles pair Goh V Shem and Tan Wee Kiong will be marching into the finals to vie for the gold against China’s Zhang Nan and Fu Haifeng after defeating the Chinese pair of Chai Biao and Hong Wei in the semi finals tomorrow night following Datuk Lee Chong Wei's semi-final match with his long-time rival and friend, China's Lin Dan in men's single category. Not forgetting our other athletes, 22 year-old Kelly Tan will be competing in the women's individual golf event and Pandelela is set to compete in the women's 10m platform diving after finishing the preliminary round recently.