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A Japanese Pole-Vaulter's Olympic Dreams Have Been Scuppered By His Own Penis

Yes, his penis.

BY Finlay Renwick | Aug 17, 2016 | Fitness & Health


You know how it goes. You dedicate every waking hour of your sentient existence to the pure and absolute pursuit of Olympic glory, and then your penis ruins it all for you.

At least, that's what happened to Japan's Hiroki Ogita, who suffered an unorthodox and slightly embarrassing fall from Olympian grace, as his lycra-clad member made a comedy cameo appearance during his attempt to clear the 5.3m pole vault during the men's qualifications rounds.



Like the proud and professional athlete he is, Ogita did go on to clear 5.45m eventually, but the doomed earlier attempt saw him drop to 21st place and thus out of the competition. 

Hello darkness my old friend​

While he might not have won a place on the podium, there's no doubt Hiroki Ogita and his reckless, career-sabotaging penis won a place in the hearts and minds of the general public and any and every man who has been let down by the contents of his trousers. Which, rest assured Hiroki, is all of us at one time or another.


From: Esquire UK