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Watch Millie Bobby Brown In The xxs New Music Video In Collaboration With Raf Simons

Its a love letter to Los Angeles.

BY editors | Jun 30, 2017 | Music

Every scene in this new The xx music video (or Calvin Klein short film, either way) is so pleasing to the eye. The new music video, I Dare You is filled with teenagers and the bright, beautiful hues of Los Angeles. Starring Stranger ThingsMillie Bobby Brown, Paris Jackson, Lulu, Ernesto Cervantes and Moonlight star Ashton Sanders (whom Calvin Klein previously worked with for their underwear line), it feels like a short coming-of-age film.

"This is the third video, our friend, the wonderful Alasdair McLellan has directed for us," the band continued. "He collaborated with a hero of ours, Raf Simons on the creative concept and direction. It was amazing to work with both of them and such a pleasure to meet and work with Millie, Paris, Ashton, Lulu and Ernesto! Thank you to CALVIN KLEIN and everyone involved. We hope you enjoy watching! xx The xx"