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20 Of The Sexiest Music Videos We Couldn't Forget If We Tried

The '90s had Britney. The 2010s had butts.

BY EDITORS | Jul 28, 2016 | Music

In the '90s, we had Britney Spears' pigtails. In the '00s, D'Angelo's torso. And in the 2010s, a lot of famous butts. For that, we thank the music video industry. Here, the 20 music videos that go down as the sexiest from the last 30 years.

1 | "Wicked Games"—Chris Isaak

Year: 1989
Recap: Sex on the beach. 
Aesthetic: Uncensored for a reason.

2 | "Freedom"—George Michael

Year: 1990
Recap: Frolicking super models.
Aesthetic: The only time lip syncing will be this sexy.

3 | "Justify My Love"—Madonna

Year: 1993
Recap: She doesn't want to be your sister. 
Aesthetic: Men in chains, Madonna in lingerie. 

4 | "Criminal"—Fiona Apple

Year: 1996.
Recap: Lounging with Fiona Apple. 
Aesthetic: Low budget red-eye. 

5 | "Baby One More Time"—Britney Spears

Year: 1998
Recap: School sucks.
Aesthetic: Pigtails. 

6 | "Miserable"—Lit

Year: 1999
Recap: You make me what?
Aesthetic: Pamela Anderson's right knee. 

7 | "Untitled (How Does It Feel)"—D'Angelo

Year: 2000
Recap: Flex and sweat.
Aesthetic: Muscle definition.

8 | "Hero"—Enrique Iglesias

Year: 2001
Recap: He dies (spoiler).
Aesthetic: Sunsets and sex in the desert. 

9 | "Dirrty"—Christina Aguilera

Year: 2002
Recap: UFC meets back alley brawl.
Aesthetic: Grimy.

10 | "I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself"—The White Stripes

Year: 2003
Recap: Kate Moss and a pole.
Aesthetic: Kate Moss and frantic guitar riffs. 

11 | "Call on Me"—Eric Prydz

Year: 2004
Recap: Workout class with eye contact.
Aesthetic: Big smiles, tightt buns. 

12 | "Trading Places"—Usher

Year: 2008
Recap: You're going to take him on a date.
Aesthetic: Camera tricks. 

13 | "Indestructible"—Robyn

Year: 2010
Recap: Sex happens.
Aesthetic: Close ups. 

14 | "Gorilla"—Bruno Mars

Year: 2012
Recap: Flashbacks in a strip club.
Aesthetic: Neon glow.

15 | "Can't Remember to Forget You"—Shakira ft. Rihanna

Year: 2014
Recap: Synchronised sexiness.
Aesthetic: Luxury in the tropics.

16 | "Partition"—Beyoncé

Year: 2014
Recap: One hell of a limo ride.
Aesthetic: Jay-Z with a cigar, Beyoncé with everything else.

17 | "Booty"—Jennifer Lopez ft. Iggy Azalea

Year: 2014
Recap: Butts.
Aesthetic: Wet hair, tight clothes.

18 | "Anaconda"—Nicki Minaj

Year: 2014
Recap: Even more butts.
Aesthetic: Unforgettable. 

19 | "Work from Home"—Fifth Harmony ft. Dolla $ign

Year: 2016
Recap: Least productive construction site on record.
Aesthetic: Tool belts pair well with biceps.

20 | "M.I.L.F. $"—Fergie

Year: 2016

Recap: Welcome to the suburbs.
Aesthetic: Cupcakes and bubble gum and white picket fences. 

From: Esquire US.