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PUSAKA Evenings at Publika presents Nading Rhapsody - Libretto of Ensera

Nading Rhapsody performs the Libretto of Ensera this weekend as part of PUSAKA Evenings at Publika

BY Editors | Jul 12, 2017 | Music

PUSAKA Evenings at Publika presents the avant-garde Borneo band, Nading Rhapsody, this Sunday, July 16. They'll be performing the Libretto of Ensera, based on the indigenous tales of Sarawak.

Judging from the versatility of Nading Rhapsody's young ensemble, expect to experience a rich and original musical tapestry. Nading Rahpsody comprises Boy Keevin (composer / bass guitar), RaWa (ruding / acoustic guitar / sape), Yen (percussion / gendang Melayu), Ujang (percussion / beduk), Roy (lyrics / vocal / chants), Christ (vocals / dance / gong) and Opah (vocals / chants).

Their music is said to resemble the origins and cultural roots of each band member; often experimental and provocative in their song arrangements and image.

If that's too abstract, imagine folk songs, ritual chanting, lullabies, ethnic dance, mythological stories of ethnic groups in Sarawak, and contemporary music.

Make a date for 8pm this Sunday, 16 July 2017 at Black Box, Publika Kuala Lumpur. Ask the band anything, and then watch the performance at 8.30pm. Admission is free.

See the event page here.