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Let Paul Smith Guide You Through His Record Collection As He Curates 3 Special Playlists For Apple Music

“From the album artwork to the friendships I’ve built over the years with musicians, it’s all a part of my creative process”

BY Patrick Chew | Aug 15, 2016 | Music

As designers or creatives who need to synthesise wild ideas to conjure beauty on a daily basis, spending too much time in your own head—incidentally something designers and creatives also tend to do a lot of—can be rather scary and unproductive. But that’s why we have music. 

Lyrics, tunes and rhythm have an unexplainable ability to inspire and transport just about anyone to just about anywhere to get the creative juices flowing. Whichever way you look at it—music can serve as a subtle distraction to calm the soul or a straight up head-banging exercise to bang out ideas—there’s no doubting the fact that music influences art and fashion in many ways. Just look at Chigall’s violin-playing goat in La Mariée or the countless Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter collections that light up the runways each fashion week and you’ll get the idea. 

Take Paul Smith and Apple Music’s new collaboration for instance—the British designer needed three full playlists to fully explore the role music plays in his creative process. 

“When I got asked to come up with a playlist, I came up with it just like that,” Smith says. “From the album artwork to the friendships I’ve built over the years with musicians, it’s all a part of my creative process.”

Each of the three playlists explores one particular aspect of Paul Smith’s relationship to music, and is available exclusively on Apple Music. 

1 | Around the World in 20 Tracks

“Most of these may seem pretty obvious but they remind me of all my years spent travelling around the world on trains and planes gradually growing the business from just a little shop in Nottingham, England, to selling in more than 70 different countries.”

2 | From Herbie to Holiday

“I have brilliant memories of listening to incredible jazz when I was young in tiny venues all over the country and I feel very privileged to have seen a lot of these artists in the flesh.”

3 | Something Old, Something New

“This playlist is split into four parts. The first five tracks are old classics that you can’t go wrong with. Tracks six to 10 are all from newer acts that I’ve been listening to lately.”