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Blink-182's Newest Music Video Is A Throwback To The '90s (With Nude Instagram Models)

Here's Lele Pons, Hannah Stocking, and Vale Genta streaking through the streets.

BY Sammy Nickalls | Oct 22, 2016 | Music

For their new single, Blink-182 has combined throwback with modern... with naked Instagram models. That's one way to do it.

The "She's Out of Her Mind" music video is inspired by their famous streaking-themed "What's My Age Again?" music video. However, since the band members are a little older than they were back in 1999, they decided to enlist the help of Lele Pons, Hannah Stocking, and Vale Genta. Comedian Adam Devine also makes a quick cameo dressed as a "sexy nurse"—getting the attention of the ladies.

The video is a part of Spotify's Flash Frame series, which launched last Thursday and will also feature interviews with the band. Compare it with the original and see what you think.


From: Esquire US