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Do's and Don'ts at Good Vibes Festival

Don't be one of those that ruins the festival experience.

BY Eva Zenteno | Jul 27, 2017 | Music


UPDATED: Set times is now available. Check out the schedule here and make sure you don't miss your favourites.

Photo: Facebook/GoodVibesFest

Photo: Facebook/GoodVibesFest


Good Vibes Festival is happening soon! August 12 and 13 at The Ranch (Gohtong Jaya Genting Highlands). If you've yet to get your tickets, head here. You’re not going to want to miss some of these amazing artists making an appearance during the festival. See headliners like G-Eazy, The Kooks, Phoenix, Dua Lipa, Snakehips, and Kodaline; along with some local artists like Orang, Dan Shiv, and Axel Groove. This year’s event has even more genres than ever and an additional stage to maximize this experience.

We’ve compiled a list a Do’s and Don’ts to make sure you have the best time there.   

DO stay hydrated. Hydration is key when running from one stage to another. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to bring in outside food and drinks, so start early and sip often—begin the day with plenty of water. Take advantage of the shaded areas when you’re taking a break to pace yourself for a great time.

DON’T bring your Polaroid camera. It’s either going to get stolen or broken, and you won’t want to spend your time lamenting the loss of an expensive camera. Your iPhone or a disposable camera will do just fine.

DO bring sunscreen. For those of us who burn, sunscreen is a must when standing outside for long amounts of time. Though getting lost in the music during a festival is awesome, don’t forget to put on sunscreen regularly or wear a hat to keep the sun out off your face.

DON’T bring any valuables. You might be getting wet and pushed around, so do yourself a favor and replace your expensive items with stuff that’s cheap that can (but hopefully won't) get messed up or lost.

Photo: Instagram/goodvibesfest

DO dress comfortably. There is a fine line between looking stylish and being smart. We all want to look our best, but wearing uncomfortable shoes or movement-restricting clothes is really going to wear you down after a while.

DON’T accept food or drinks from strangers. (Do we really need to tell you this?) It’s great to make friends and all, but you’ll never know if there’s a little something ‘fun’ in there until you wake up in the mud with no recollection of the past couple hours. Just don’t risk it!

DO stay organized. Figure out the acts you would want to see more than others. It’s hard to stay focused once you’re there and caught up in the excitement, so make a list of artists to see so you don’t miss out on your favorite.

DON’T be basic. Don’t pretend it’s the Sixties (it’s not). Don't take your top fully off (unbuttoning a few more buttons is fine). Don't overdo the accessories (Native American headdresses, flower crowns, Indian head dresses) or getting too wasted early in the day. That might just make you miss your favorite artists.

Most importantly, don't try too hard, but have fun!