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5 Classic Irish Songs For St. Patrick's Day

Your playlist needs these classic Irish songs to put you in the mood for Paddy's Night.

BY sam mclean | Mar 17, 2016 | Music

Ah, Paddy’s Night, the one night of the year when you legally and morally have to drink Guinness and wear an over-sized floppy, green hat. Fortunately, the two complement each other perfectly. Yes, you look stupid, but the Guinness soon washes away those cares. But what to listen to as you are getting ready to go out and hit those bars? Allow us to make some suggestions…

5 | Ride On, Christy Moore

True, this one isn’t going to get the party rocking but a more beautiful, reflective song you will not find. Throw in Christy Moore’s legendary status in the Old Country and you have an Irish classic.

4 | I Useta Lover, The Saw Doctors

This shot to the top of the Irish charts in 1990 when it was released, and stayed there for nine weeks. It remains a massively popular song in Ireland, probably because lyrically it could match Shakespeare: “And when she'd go to receive, I'd kneel down there / And watch her pass / The glory of her ass.” Pure poetry.

3 | Whiskey in the Jar, The Dubliners

A perennial favourite from the undisputed kings of Irish folk. If your toe doesn’t tap to this one, you might want to check that you still have a pulse.

2 | Sally MacLennane, The Pogues

Lyrically – as well as his ability to consume alcohol – The Pogues’ Shane MacGowan is unmatched. This raucous classic tells the tale of leaving home but hoping to return one day “to the greatest little boozer and to Sally MacLennane.”

1 | The Irish Rover, The Dubliners & The Pogues

A musical perfect storm; two of the biggest names playing the biggest song. By the final refrain, you’ll be as Irish as stew.