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Tom Morello To Rage Against TPPA

Former RATM guitarist to kick off anti-TPPA tour.

BY Jason S Ganesan | Aug 19, 2016 | Music

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Whatever your opinion of former Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello—whether modern day Woody Guthrie, walking Che Guevara t-shirt, or Profiting off Rage—there’s no doubting his penchant for knowing which side of the zeitgeist to stand on.

As The Huffington Post reports, Morello, his label Firebrand Records, and the digital rights group Fight for the Future have kicked off the Rock Against the TPP tour, which began in Denver, and will be followed by shows in a bunch of US cities.

The line-up is pretty impressive. Each show will begin with the Wasp herself, Evangeline Lilly, speaking to the audience about the horrors of the TPPA (what kids call teach-ins), followed by Morello, Talib Kweli, Jello Biafra, Anti-Flag, Jolie Holland, Downtown Boys, Ryan Harvey, Makana, Flobots, Danbert Nobacon, Climbing Poetree, Sihasin, Cihuatl Ce, Emma’s Revolution, Taina Asili, Son of Nun, Lia Rose, La Santa Cecilia, Bonfire Madigan, Bell’s Roar, Evan Greer and stand-up from Hari Kondabolu.

The TPPA looked dead in the water when POTUS-to-be Hillary Clinton finally made her opinion about the massive trade deal known (although she did pick Tim Kaine as her running mate and Ken Salazar as the chair of the presidential transition team). But TPP head cheerleader Barack Obama may still try to convince the US Congress that the deal should go through in the time he has left in the Oval Office.

Which is precisely what Rock Against the TPPA hopes to address. While understandably their chief concerns will be the death of American jobs and digital rights, they’re also fighting against the threat of the TPPA to labour laws, environmental laws, food and agriculture policies, and access to medicines of the other 11 signatories, reinforced through the constitution-chomping ISDS mechanism.

We can’t watch the shows obviously—unless some visionary convinces Morello and friends to haul a*s over here—but they do have a donation page.

Although the tour and the current wave of anti-TPPA sentiment may seem US-centric, it does make perfect sense, since the respective parliaments of the other 11 nations have already agreed to it, including us. Meaning the only thing standing between us and the TPPA are American members of congress’ and the presidential candidates’ gauge of public sentiment.

So even if Morello rubs you the wrong way, he’s on your side. Maybe recalling the good ol’days will help?