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Review: Chapters By Yuna

The album title says it all.

BY Nawaf Rahman | Jun 23, 2016 | Music

The Fader/Yuna

Chapters, the third international discography from our home girl, Yuna is a page opener for her new endeavor.  It has been three years since she released her underrated sophomore gem, Nocturnal, now she comes back with a personal and intimate discography which marked her complete transformation from indie-pop darling to urban R&B auteur.

Chapters consists of 13 tracks include lead singles by the DJ Premier-produced single, Places To Go and Crush, featuring Usher. Opening track, Mannequin alluringly opens the album as Yuna deeply harmonizes, breathing in love after what seems to be feeling comatose in a monotonous relationship. Chapters precedes with sad tunes like Lanes and Unrequited Love where she sings her true feelings towards an unappreciative beau and relationship. Slowing the pace once more, Yuna sounds equally self-assured on midway numbers, Used To Love You, going toe to toe with R&B star, Jhene Aiko.

She saves the best for the last with the latter of the album. All I Do, a beautiful ballad that co-produced by David Foster and Yuna herself, showcases her delicate vocals, encompassing sad emotion and feeling with piano accompaniment as well as the violin, adding the melancholy mood in the track. Time closes Chapters well, penning flashbacks of hurt, rejection, betrayal and loss through life’s ups and downs – ultimately tells everything takes time. However, if there are numbers which sound pop-ish and catchy that truly warrants your attention, it would be the beautifully performed Too Close and Your Love.

Lyrically, she is not the old Yuna that we used to know back then – a timid girl who used to compare her lover to a moon. Thanks to her painful heartbreak experience (sorry Yuna!), she is more aggressive and expressive when it comes to her emotion. And vocally, she sounds more confident and mature in this record. To compare, if Nocturnal had a bit of kaleidoscope vibe in it, Chapters is more to personal record as Yuna discloses her vulnerabilities and it flows cohesively from tracks to tracks.

Final verdict? The album was worth the wait – the result is a remarkable R&B record that deserves repeat listens and it even charted in Billboard’s Top 10 R&B Album Charts recently.  It is highly recommended to listen to the entire record on a good lazy Sunday afternoon, with plenty of time to reminisce your heartbreaks.

"Chapters" is available now via stream and iTunes.