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The Winter 2018 Print Edition Featuring Song Joong Ki

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BY editors | Nov 13, 2018 | Film & TV

Interview by Min Yongjun; Photographs by Mok Jungwook; Styling by Kang Eunsu

In a world filled with noise and everything fast paced, Song Joong-Ki is composed. Despite constantly being in the spotlight, he embodies a sense of calm, not unlike the eye of a storm. The K-Star talks his acting career, his marriage and family, and sheds light on growing up and growing old. 

Your marriage to Song Hye-kyo was huge news. But the two of you seemed quite calm.

My wife and I are celebrities. But away from our jobs, we’re just two ordinary persons. And we both want an ordinary life. It’s a way for us to balance our lives. We know that we cannot say ‘leave us alone after the shooting is over.’ So, we try to discover values in our daily life when it’s just the two of us. I was grateful for all the celebration but we tried to keep calm. Because we made the most important choice in our lives, we had to seize the moment or we would regret it in the future. We spent a lot of time together. Some people said our wedding was grand, but it was actually quite small. We didn’t open it to the public and there was nothing special. I heard that some people launched drones to take a look at our wedding. I don’t agree that celebrities have to endure that kind of discomforts, but I guess it is unavoidable. We both plan to make a comeback soon, so we are spending more time with each other now. It might be the most precious time in our lives.

Now that you are married, you cannot go back to the days you were dating. It might sound strange, but how does it feel when you realise you cannot do certain things in your life anymore? I mean, to have a period of life that you cannot go back to.

I understand your question, but I don’t think our dating has ended. I’m a realistic person, but I have my own ideals in that matter. When I had a drink with a friend whom I respect, he told me that marrying a woman you love for your entire life is like a destiny. It was an impressive phrase so I remembered it. I think the best thing a man can do is love his wife. It’s important to earn money and fame, but the most manly thing is to love his wife constantly until the end. Most people say things as they view the world. People who give us congratulations on our marriage mostly are happy couples. But some people tell me things like ‘why are you marrying so early?’, ‘I hope you feel the same pain’. I guess their family life is unhappy. It is sad indeed. My friend told me that even after children are born, you should give the biggest love to your wife. What you hear from people around you is also important. And I think I’m not done with dating my wife. Seriously, she is absolutely beautiful!

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