Man at His Best

Young Obama Gets High—And Beaten Up—In New Biopic Trailer

Netflix's 'Barry' is set during the outgoing president's college years in the early '80s.

BY Nick Pope | Nov 23, 2016 | Film & TV


He might be ending his time as US President with the highest approval rating since John F Kennedy, but Barack Obama has every right to sweat over his legacy.

Despite his many accomplishments in the role—and the class, decorum and cool with which he's pulled them off—he will still go down as the leader who begat Donald Trump.

So needless to say, he'll be happy with the fact that Netflix are gearing up to release Barry, a glossy-looking biopic of the outgoing president's college years in 1981 at Columbia University, detailing the racial and personal struggles he went through at the time.

Check out the trailer above, and catch it on Netflix on December 16 .


From: Esquire UK