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The power of duets: John Legend sings classic Gordon Ramsay insults

"You put so much oil in this, the US wanted to invade the f**king plate!

BY editors | Apr 4, 2017 | Film & TV

The Nightly Show / ITV

Talk shows are pushing their sketches up many levels. Too much competition. Not many of us are familiar with the British late night talk show ‘The Nightly Show’, but after this sketch, we will be expecting more competition for James Corden’s 'The Late Late Show'.

Soulful singer John Legend dropped by the show and did a duet with the host, Gordon Ramsay (they have various number of hosts, by the way) by giving a sweet musical interpretation of the chef’s classic insults. How do you sing "I'll get you more pumpkin, and I'll ram it right up your f**kin' arse" in a soulful, melodious way? You get John Legend to sing it. It surprisingly works.