Man at His Best

What We've Learned from Jerry Lewis

Wise words from the comic legend.

BY noor amylia hilda | Aug 22, 2017 | Film & TV


The American comedian, actor, director and philanthropist passed away last Sunday aged 91 was best known for his slapstick humour in films such as The Nutty Professor (1963), Cinderfella, and The King of Comedy. Here are some of the best quotes from the late, great entertainer:

“I get paid for what most kids get punished for.”

“I think the cartoons that their children are watching, particularly The Simpsons, they’re OK. I think that the adult audience is making too much of the danger they imply. That’s not the case. The danger for children today, honey, is the news. Keep them away from the news on television.”

“If you’re an old pro, you know how well you’re doing when you’re doing it, and your inner government spanks you if you’re not doing well.”

Photo: facebook/jerrylewisofficialcomedy

“I tell young comics, ‘Do you want this badly enough? It’s there. But you have to get it and if you think I’m going to give you the key to the lock of that door, there is no key, there is no lock, and there is no door.’”

“Every man’s dream is to be able to sink into the arms of a woman without also falling into her hands.”

“I never got a formal education. So my intellect is my common sense. I don’t have anything else going for me and my common sense opens the door to instinct.”

“People say, ‘How would you like to be remembered?’ I don’t want to be remembered. Gimme a break! What I want to hear what’s great about me now…let me hear it! In the box you don’t hear these eulogies.”