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Iflix Premiers 'Bangkit: 11 Days That Changed A Nation'. And It's Free For All

The film counts down to GE14ís polling day by piecing together news footage, social media uploads as well as personal videos filmed by the public.

BY editors | Jan 17, 2019 | Film & TV

Courtesy of iflix

Iflix is taking things up a notch by premiering its first Original documentary feature titled Bangkit: 11 Days That Changed A Nation, which looks back at the 11 days leading up to Malaysia’s historic 14th General Elections (GE14).

Through behind-the-scenes events, the films moves through the eyes of everyday Malaysians as they witness the 11 days leading up to GE14. From the drama of Nomination Day, to the controversial cutting down of posters and the outrage of the Election Commission’s decision to make polling day a mid-week event, Bangkit takes viewers on a journey that led to a changed nation.

Justin Ong, Bangkit Director and Co-Producer, said: “Working on this documentary has been extremely rewarding as we look back at the moments that lead up to such a monumental election. This documentary goes behind the news coverage to reveal amazing behind-the-scenes stories of how Malaysians rose up together to determine their future."

Screeenshot of overseas voters from the film.

Mark Francis, iflix Global Director of Original Programming, said “Although the mainstay of iflix Originals are our entertainment offerings such as premium drama series and stand-up comedy, when we witnessed the real-life drama of the Malaysian general elections unfold before us, we felt compelled to tell its story. After all, GE14 was a rare instance of the truth being more remarkable than fiction. As a local video entertainment platform headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, we felt we simply had to bring a story of this national importance to our Malaysian viewers, and to do so in a way that perhaps traditional news broadcasters would not."

Bangkit: 11 Days That Changed A Nation is now available on iflix's website or app for free.