Man at His Best

The June 2016 Issue

Featuring James McAvoy, Julie Woon, Abbas Saad and Bill Maher.

BY editors | May 30, 2016 | Film & TV

The June 2016 Issue

James McAvoy

On how the idea of God looms in comic books and comic book films as well as the acting world’s need for more down to earth types.
By Kevin Maher

Esquire Flies a Jumbo
Will Self gets behind the cockpit of a jumbo plane... sort of.
By Will Self

The Case of the Missing Spy Novelist
Touted to be the new Fleming, author Adam Diment vanished from sight just as his books started gaining traction. What happened?
By John Michael O’Sullivan

A Woman We Love
Julie Woon, rolls with the punches.
By Ian Tai

Esquire’s Guide to the Euro 2016
21 teams, 10 venues and a handy guide to insulting the French.

Abbas Saad
On being a footballer, the scandal that rocked his career and his new restaurant.
Interviewed by Sim Wie Boon

Bill Maher
On his definition of truth, religion and comedy.
Interviewed by Cal Fussman

How to drive, how to use the toilet and the art of bulls**t.

Our Man of Note this issue features Matti Makkonen, without him, there’d be no emojis, LOL-ing or texting; All new reads for a new world. Plus: the OAG story; Three new retro looking digital cameras to check out. Plus: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and cool speakers; The origins of Father’s Day; 10 things you don’t know about Emmy Rossum; And Tom Barber’s guide to Gothenburg.

Pulp Friction
In Kano, where religious fundamentalism takes root, a literary movement shaped by women thrives.
By Glenna Gordon

A New Kind of Casual

Upcoming movie star Matthias Schoenaerts mixes up this season’s best workwear, sportswear and military inspired garments.  

A Gentlemen’s Guide to Layering
A few layers can make a world’s difference on how your outfit looks.

On the Beach
Your seaside essentials for this season.

Fashion essentials
Finding your new favourite jeans. 

Forging Ahead

Bulgari’s on a new roll.

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother
Light and thin is the new way to go.

Sense and Ability
Watch Editor Leong Wong gives his take on this year’s Baselworld favourites.

Steely Gaze
The silver dial, a timeless classic.

Dress Me Up
Its not just the clothes but also the right accessory that makes or breaks your sartorial game.

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