Man at His Best

The April 2016 Issue

Featuring Henry Cavill, Ralph Lauren, Khairil M Bahar and Noel Gallagher.

BY editors | Mar 31, 2016 | Film & TV

Here, at Esquire Towers, we kinda feel like a fella who has just shaved his head and bought a new suit. We think we look pretty good, but you’re never quite sure what your mates will think. Why do we feel this way? Well, we’ve made a few changes to the magazine.

The most significant ones are in the Man at His Best section, in what those publishing-types imaginatively call the Front of Book. (Can you guess what they call the back of the magazine? Yeah, that’s why they’re paid the big bucks.) Not only does Man at His Best look a bit different in terms of design, it is also different in terms of content. Allow me to explain.

We’ve squeezed some extra pages into the section and filled them with, we think, some really great content. From now on, and in every issue, you’ll find the latest—and the best—in gadgets, cars, interior design, travel, photography, and food and drink. We’ve also included pages on what to watch and listen to. So, when it comes to all the latest stuff, we’ve got your back.

The section looks different too. It is, I hope you’ll agree, beautifully clean, with an air of elegance. We have our scrumptious design team, headed by Rebecca Chew, to thank for this. But it’s not only the magazine that’s had some work done; we’ve launched a new website too. Still located at, the site has been completely redesigned and reinvigorated, and the content freshened up under a new, easier navigation system. We have our web team, headed by Shermian Lim and her team of trained chimps, to thank for the new website.

So, new content in a redesigned magazine, alongside a newly reinvigorated website. It’s been a busy couple of months. Fingers crossed, you’ll agree it was worth it...—Simon Burgess, editor-in-chief, Esquire Malaysia.


The April 2016 Issue

Henry Cavill

Superman actor Henry Cavill lets us in on his rise from bullied fat kid to man of steel, with a quick detour to a sex fence along the way.
By Richard Benson

The real Muslims of Irving, Texas
With the rise of paranoia and fear gripping everyone, the Muslim community in Texas weigh in on what it’s like to live in one of the most heavily polarised states in the US.
By Colby Buzzell

The stage was set. And we turned up. And the people said ‘Yes’. And then it just exploded.
Rockstar Noel Gallagher talks to us about the highs and lows of Oasis, his marriage, mid-life crisis and a lot more.
By Alex Bilmes

Khairil Bahar
On his experiences growing up in London, comic books, movies and collecting stuff.
Interviewed by Sim Wie Boon
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
On playing ball, converting to Islam, and racism.
Interviewed by Mike Sager

Indochina the backstory
Follow the journey of this photojournalist as he rides through the trails of four magical countries over the course of 10 days.
By David Bowden

The Shakespearean MaHB guide for the Esquire man; and coffee 101.

How writers write; Films and television shows to look out for; the importance of a camera; the Esquire fitness guide; the Arab Spring through the eyes of photographer Moises Saman; ways to improve your rooms; how a colour changed the course of medical history; Tom Barber’s guide to Verbier; and A Thousand Words by Kuah Jenhan.

A series documenting the tale of Mariya Diordichuk who was born in Kiev, five months after the Chernobyl disaster using rolls of film found at the site makes for an interesting yet sombre tale.
By Kazuma Obara

Around the world 2016
Journey from the East to the West with these dashing gents.

The house that Ralph built
Palazzo Ralph Lauren marks another successful chapter for a man’s vision that extends well beyond fashion.

Fashion essentials
A stressed man’s guide to travel clothes.

You are what you carry
Four bags for four occasions for one stylish guy.

Pop goes the season
Shades of grey, red, blue, teal and yellow.

Dead on time
Before the quartz, there was the deadbeat complication.

An elegant affair
It’s that time of the year again for us to look at what SIHH has to offer us.

Beauties and the speed
Despite the association of chronograph watches and sports, at the end of the day, as long as it looks good on your wrist, it really doesn’t matter.

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