Man at His Best

Nicolas Cage And Elijah Wood Is Our New Favourite Cop Duo In The Trust Trailer

Nic and Elijah go on a heist caper and it looks dynamite.

BY lynette ow | Mar 11, 2016 | Film & TV

Not since National Treasure has Nicolas Cage been this fun to watch. In The Trust, he and the wide-eyed Elijah Wood star as two underappreciated police officers who work for the Las Vegas Police Department with ambitions to outsmart a drug investigation. Obviously, there is a bank vault scene. Obviously, a lot of things don’t go to plan.

We think the plot here is not what sells the movie. It’s the unsuspecting explosive chemistry between Cage and Wood. Cage’s grumpy unhinged attitude plays out well with Wood’s bug-eyed boyish naivety. Trust us, this fast-paced, dopey comedy of a trailer will lift your week. Don’t miss all the wondrous Cage facial expressions.

The Trust is directed by Alex Brewer and Ben Brewer and set to open in theatres in May 13, 2016.