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Game of Thrones Star Gemma Whelan Is Up For A Daenerys And Yara Romance

"I think they should sail off into the sunset."

BY Tom Eames | Jul 8, 2016 | Film & TV

Game of Thrones fans never envisioned the opportunity to see a potential romance blossom between Daenerys Targaryen and Yara Greyjoy, but that's exactly what happened when the pair met in season six.

You could cut the sexual tension with a Valyrian blade. And Yara actress Gemma Whelan seems up for the idea—though she admitted to not knowing what 'shipping' means.

"I didn't expect to meet Daenerys, blimey," Gemma told Digital Spy. "I knew my story was going to get more traction in later series, but I didn't quite know I'd be surrounded by dragons in season six.

"Though obviously the dragons weren't there on the day. We were literally on a wooden boat in a car park, with lots of green screen!

"I didn't even know what shipping means. It's been all over my Twitter—'I ship these two'—and I've been asked about it at conventions too—'Who would you ship?'—and I have no idea what they mean. But if it's a positive thing then yeah, sure, let's ship!"

When asked where she would like to see Yara end up, she added: "I think she and Daenerys should sail off into the sunset with the Seven Kingdoms holding hands. I think that's probably about right. Tyrion can stay there, Theon's got to be there—he can be my hand!"


From: Esquire US