Man at His Best

Esquire Malaysia x Hugo Boss: Frederick Lee

On growing up, his family and the man of today's style.

BY EDITORS | Sep 30, 2016 | Film & TV

In an exclusive collaboration between Esquire Malaysia and Hugo Boss, we speak to three local personalities who exemplify the qualities of being a man of today. 

Frederick Lee, the 40-year old actor from Malacca is an assurance that the stereotype of actors being snobbish and arrogant is wrong. Perhaps one of the nicest and friendlist guys out there, Frederick makes you feel relaxed and at ease when talking to him. Making his debut into TV and film in 1998 with That's The Way I Like It, a Singaporean comedy starring Adrian Pang and Madeline Tan, Frederick has appeared in many TV series, telemovies and films throughout the region securing his place amongst the most recognisable and sought after actors around. However, the man remains as humble as ever, grounded to his feet and at roots with family and friends. We talk to him about the men of today and his experiences. 

Frederick Lee is wearing Hugo Boss in the video. For more of Frederick Lee, follow him on his Instagram and Facebook