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Donald Glover Just Leaked the Hilarious Script to His Own Cancelled Deadpool Project

It opens with an amazing Ben Carson joke.

BY Matt Miller | Mar 29, 2018 | Film & TV

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Donald Glover is prolific. There's the Grammy winning album, the live shows as Childish Gambino, the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning TV series, Atlanta, and, of course, the Star Wars movie he's working on.

On top of that, Glover was set to write an animated Deadpool series for FX with his brother Stephen. But, unfortunately, last week, news broke that both FX and the Glovers were parting ways with the series and Marvel. While FX said the departure was due to creative differences, many speculated that it was partially because of Donald Glover's intensive workload.

This morning, Donald set the record straight, tweeting, "i wasnt too busy to work on deadpool."

He also shared the script to an entire episode of the now defunct series.

— donald (@donaldglover) March 28, 2018

The episode, which has Deadpool in the Sudan, opens with a Ben Carson joke. Deadpool is talking in his sleep in the back of a car screaming: "Don't let Ben Carson operate on me!"

It's still unclear why Marvel abandoned the partnership with FX and the Glovers, because this script, at least, is hilarious. Certainly, it's edgier than the typical humor in Marvel movies—even the raunchy Deadpool movies.

Glover and his brother would have written, executive produced, and served as showrunners on the animated series. While it's a bummer we won't get to see this Deadpool series, the good news is there's absolutely no shortage of Donald Glover projects to keep us occupied.

Source: Esquire US