Man at His Best

Bill Murray Just Stole A Stranger's Chips (And He Must Be Stopped)

There's a darker side to Murray's mystifying act​

BY Nick Pope | Aug 23, 2016 | Film & TV


If you're a frequenter of Reddit, then you'll know that Bill Murray has a curious tendency to turn up to events uninvited.

Karaoke rooms. Bachelor parties. Park kickball games. Whatever the occasion, there's a small, hopeful chance that the iconic comedian will magically materialise out of nowhere to join in.

But there's a darker side to Murray's mystifying act – as we saw yesterday, when he cropped up in a food court and stole a diner's chip, before shamelessly strolling away.




No one is safe. No country, food court or lunch-time treat is shielded from Murray's roaming superpower. Be careful out there.



From: Esquire UK