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Ben Affleck Teases Latest Villain In Upcoming Justice League Film

Okay, we're excited again about this.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Aug 30, 2016 | Film & TV

While Batman v Supeman and Suicide Squad might have failed to live up to the expectations of most, the air of anticipation for the upcoming Justice League film and standalone Batman film directed by Ben Affleck is still quite palpable. 

Seemingly out of nowhere, Affleck dropped a huge surprise yesterday on his Twitter by teasing what could be an upcoming villain in both the film. 

The 30-second snippet of footage tweeted from a movie set currently filming in London features notable DC villain Deathstroke walking towards the camera in very dramatic and intense fashion which has consequently sent DC fanboys into a frenzy. 

Although not as familiar with the masses as the more notable Batman villains such as Joker or Mr Freeze, Deathstroke is truly one of the Dark Knight's most powerful nemesis. The mercenary has earned his spot as one of the only few to ever defeat Batman in hand-to-hand combat and on various occasions to boot. 

The tweet has definitely pushed many to speculate Deathstroke's appearance in the upcoming Justice League film, some have even confirmed that the mercenary will be the main villain in the upcoming Batman film as well.