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Bastille Day Pulled After Nice Attack

Idris Elba thriller pulled after Nice terror attack, and not just because of its name.

BY Jason S Ganesan | Jul 18, 2016 | Film & TV

Tragically ill-timed Idris Elba thriller Bastille Day was pulled from French cinemas after the terrorist attack in Nice on Bastille Day, in which 84 were killed and about 200 injured by an ISIS ‘soldier’ driving a truck through a crowd.

The film was released, of course, on Bastille Day itself, but co-producers StudioCanal requested that cinemas pull the film entirely—given that France is still coming to grips with the third large-scale attack on its soil in under two years, and president François Hollande extending the state of emergency for another three months.

The joint American-French production stars Elba as a CIA agent, who works with Richard ‘Robb Stark’ Madden to foil a terrorist attack, after the latter finds himself unwittingly setting off a bomb that kills four people in a public square. Yeah, you can see why they pulled it. 

Bastille Day seems bound to be an answer in a pub quiz, probably remembered more for its spectacular bad luck—marketing for the movie had to be pulled last November when the Paris attacks occurred—than its own qualities. And that’s even with Elba singing on the soundtrack.

Critics (the movie is already out in the UK) have found it middling, with one particularly gleeful review savaging the unimaginative use of terror-induced Europe as a backdrop, and also throwing in gems like Elba ballsing up his Bond audition, and the movie as a whole being a slight improvement on London Has Fallen. Zing.