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Astro A-List Premieres Oscars' 8 Best Foreign Language Film Entries

Prep the popcorn and binge on some of these critically-acclaimed films.

BY Nawaf Rahman | Feb 25, 2016 | Film & TV

Laszlo Nemes’ Son of Haul

Astro's A-List ramps up the Oscars fever as the channel celebrates the Oscars with the premiere of cream of the top selection from Best Foreign Film nominees of 2016 Academy Award. Entitled “Foreign Language Film Oscar Special”, the channel will be showing 8 best chosen films from the entries from 80 countries. The special includes one of our favourites, Laszlo Nemes’ Son of Haul, the Hungarian entry that won the jury prize at Cannes.

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1| Son of Saul (Hungary)

Everyone’s favourite to win the category. The film closely follows in the horror of 1944 Auschwitz during Holocaust era where a prisoner forced to bury the corpse and by chance discovers a corpse of a boy he takes for his son. Selected as Cannes’s Grand Prize winner, watch this raw, unfiltered and realistic portrayal of War World II.

2 | Goodnight Mommy (Austria)

You know things are getting weird when you realise your mom is not your real mom. A story about twins suspect someone is pretending to be their mother and it revolves around the psychological gouging of child/mother relationship that will leave you squirming.

3 | The Second Mother (Brazil)

A film about unspoken truth about the difference of social class within in a home. The story centers around Val, a diligent maid who is living happily with her employer, until her estranged daughter comes over and throws everything into disarray.

4 | Rams (Iceland)

It is a low key yet beautiful film, for sure. The film focuses on two estranged brothers who happen to be neighbours but have not speaking to each other for 40 years. A scrapie (a disease that affects sheep) however reunites them to stave off the disease in order to protect their sheep—their source of living.

5 | 100 Yen Love (Japan)

A compelling performance by Sakura Ando. Ando plays Ichiko, a slovenly lazybones who struggles to make a living until she finds work at a pound shop. Then she discovers boxing, and her life makes a dramatic turnaround.

6 | Lamb (Ethiopia)

Lamb follows a story where a boy who is sent to live with distant relatives after his mother’s death. He brings along his best friend, a lamb, not realising that his uncle plans to sacrifice his best friend for a religious ritual.

7 | The High Sun (Croatia)

Three different gripping forbidden love stories in three different decades. This film engages with love across the ethnic divides in two neighbouring Balkan villages of war-torn Yusgolvia and how the couples endure the hardships of forbidden love.

8 | Labyrinth of Lies (Germany)

Based on true events, a young enthusiastic prosecutor in postwar West Germany investigates the massive conspiracy to cover up the Nazi's past—Auschwitz, Final Solution. Struggling with shocking truths and information, he fights not to lose himself along the way.

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