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Hands Percussion Presents Opium, A Multi Stage Performance At DPAC

Percussion troop Hands brings a different audience experience with Opium.

BY shermian lim | Jul 25, 2016 | Arts

Malaysia's foremost percussion troop Hands returns to the stage with Opium, their first ever multi-stage performance. Held at Damansara PAC (DPAC), viewers will move from stage to stage (in no particular order) throughout the venue, concluding with an outdoor finale.

If you thought percussions performances are all about knocking on various flat surfaces, Opium will change that perception quickly. Drawing from French arts and culture, as well as the personal memories of artistic director Bernard Goh, Opium will tell the story of a "dark but endearing" past that influences one's life choices "through visual and installation art, dance, calligraphy, singing and collaborative music." In addition to local artistes, Goh also invited French performers to collaborate in the performance. Also, Joe Chia fans will be delighted—performers costumes are designed by him. 

Opium runs from July 26-31 at DPAC in Empire Damansara. Tickets are priced at RM128, with a 10 percent discount for DPAC members and HANDS club members.