Man at His Best

This Tattoo Artist Lost His Arm But Uses This Amazing Tool To Keep Working

JC Sheitan Tenet uses this prosthetic tool to do his tattooing work. For real.

BY Jason S Ganesan | Jun 13, 2016 | Arts

It’s badass enough that JC Sheitan Tenet is thriving in the tattoo business since he lost the use of his drawing arm in 1994.

More badass still is that his prosthetic arm looks straight out of a Guillermo Del Toro movie.

The arm was made by artist and engineer JL Gonzal, who after meeting Tenet at a number of tattoo conventions, decided to jazz up an old prosthesis Tenet had lying around with parts from an old typewriter, sewing machine, record player and manometer.   

And, of course, Tenet’s tattoo gun.

Because aside from looking cool, the arm actually works. Gonzal ensured that the steampunk tattoo gun arm could move 360 degrees, and that the wires from the tattoo machine wouldn’t get tangled up in any of the crevices.

Naturally, the prosthesis can only mimic arm movements, and is controlled primarily by Tenet’s right shoulder. But Gonzal and Tenet have plans to work on more advanced prosthetic tattoo gun prototypes that will incorporate wrist and finger movements for even greater precision.

Tenet can tattoo just fine with the steampunk prosthesis, but doesn’t use it daily, since it takes too long to take the entire thing apart and sterilise it for every new customer.

Still, the thing looks cool. So cool that a brassy dude from took one look at it, and decided that it’d be a great idea to let Tenet test it out for the first time on his calf.  

What could go wrong? From the video below, it appears that Tenet’s skill is considerable, so…nothing whatsoever.