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Malaysia's 'Gerai Tai Tai' To Present at Venice Biennale

Following the likes of renowned international artists such as Yoko Ono, Julian Opie, Arnulf Rainer, Günther Uecker and Lawrence Weiner.

BY Sanjeeva Suresh | Feb 18, 2019 | Arts

Conceptualized as a pop-up "gerai" (stall) at an actual "pasar malam" (night market)

Malaysian architectural firm POW Ideas have been invited by the GAA Foundation, a Dutch non-profit organisation supported by the European Cultural Centre, to showcase "Gerai Tai Tai" at the historic Venice Biennale. Presented within the theme of "Personal Structures," the installation will run from 11th May to 24th November 2019 where there will be 300,000 visitors expected to attend throughout the period.

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This interactive installation revolves around the Tai Tai, who provides a one-to-one bespoke experience of fortune-telling to her customers. The multi-sensory fortune-telling booth is covered on its sides and top, providing privacy in the otherwise busy setting of the night market; allowing customers to share their deepest secrets and qualms. Divided by a window of coloured jellies made from ingredients sourced from the night market, each customer rolls six dice and are then offered three different jellies by the Tai Tai. As one takes a bite of each jelly, the Tai Tai will do her readings, with different flavours, textures and colours representing facets of his/her past, present and future.

A Tai Tai sitting across her "customer" in the exhibition's display

POW Ideas are currently seeking funding/sponsorship avenues that will help them along their way this toward the Biennale opening this May. The funds would cover their costs involved in setting up the installation; from design fabrication to logistics in moving and setting it up in Venice. To donate and support our local arts, go to gogetfunding page to make a contribution. Regardless of the sum, you know you will be helping a small, local design firm achieve one of their dreams this year.