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Malaysian Graffiti Artists Take Over Dubai Street

Graffiti pieces in the Karama district were finished during Ramadhan.

BY Jason S Ganesan | Jul 27, 2016 | Arts


A bunch of Malaysian graffiti artists were commissioned in June to transform 18b Street of the Al Karama shopping district in Dubai, and the results are amazing.







According to Time Out Dubai, Wasl Properties hired the urban artwork group Graffiti—made up of Malaysian artists, including the Dubai-based Newba—to create 24 murals that would add colour to the otherwise greying district.

The pieces were completed during the month of Ramadhan in Dubai weather, which explains this:




What’s On reports that besides Newba, other artists in the collective include Katun, Pakey, Abdulrashade, Sored One and Itspoketwo (we’re not sure how to pronounce that either).

The Karama project follows a similar initiative called ‘Dubai Walls’ that took place earlier in the year—where an international band of graffiti artists were commissioned to transform the City Walk in Jumeriah, including Aiko, ROA, and Beau Stanton.