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Google Arts & Culture On Exhibit Now

For all things art and culture related.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Jul 20, 2016 | Arts

The tech giant is out to revolutionise the way we all look and appreciate art with a new app called Google Arts & Culture. More than just a info based clickboard where you can only find out musuem and gallery opening hours, the app immerses users into over 1000 musuems all across 70 countries.

Users can check out the works, sort out specific artist's catalogue based on colours, catch up on curated
selection of arts and culture-related articles sourced from the musuem websites in a Wikiepdia-esque manner or just check out the Google Street View 360 degree photos of the musuem interiors and world landmarks. The app basically allows users to search for anything art/culture related from artworks of cats in 200 BC to the colour red in Abstract Expressionism. 

The app is available now for download for iOS and Android