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For Sale: The Ultimate Man Cave

Fancy sprucing up your garden with a man cave with a difference? Walk this way.

BY sam mclean | Mar 17, 2016 | Design

It won’t be often that we give thanks to the British Ministry of Defence, but today we are doing just that for, as well as defending their realm and taking part in dubious bombing raids of oil-rich countries, they are selling what could be the ultimate man cave.

The British Royal Navy and Royal Air Force are retiring a fleet of Sea King helicopters, and while most of them are still fully functioning and expected to be bought as working aircraft, six have been stripped for parts, leaving just a shell. “They are being sold for upmarket gardens sheds or man caves,” said Paul Southerington, the managing director of the firm tasked with the sale. “They are ideal for conversion. The sky's the limit with what you can do with one. They are all made of aluminium so they will never rust or rot.”

The non-working choppers are expected to be sold for between USD14,000-30,000, leaving you with just enough money for a couple of bean bags and scatter cushions.