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Weekly Roundup: The Downside Of Viral Videos And The Upside Of World Building

Five things that happened this week that everyone should read about.

BY WAYNE CHEONG | Apr 15, 2016 | Culture

1 | We laugh at them, we share them; the clicks continue ad infinitum. For some, it brings instant recognition, for others, an unwanted spotlight especially when it comes to the real-life pain of black people. Are you still laughing now? Niela Orr has the piece on Buzzfeed Reader.

2 | Like the early frontier, the first instance of the Internet brought with it marvel and awe but its uncharted territory meant that everything is fair game. The laws governing the Internet were nebulous, vague. Then a hacker collective called The Inner Circle stepped in, which prompted the FBI to enter the scene as well. Matt Novak from Paleofuture tracked down the members of The Inner Circle to tell the story.

3 | Nothing bodes well when a Russian is flushed with plenty of filthy lucre (think Vladimir Putin) but Yuri Milner is using his to explore the deepest reaches in space in a project called Breakthrough Starshot. Along with Stephen Hawking and Mark Zuckerberg, this pipe dream looks possible with each passing day as reported by Tim Radford for The Guardian.

4 | With the upcoming Record Store Day, it’s time to get acquainted with collecting records, specifically collecting all the records that you’ve sold off in your youth and now you’re racked with this lingering guilt that it feels like a millstone around your neck so in order to appease the old gods of nostalgia, one writer embarks on a quest to retrieve the exact records that he owned and sold. That man is Eric Spitznagel and this is his Longreads tale.

5 | World building will be the norm. Creating something with lines of code will be a standard by, which every child of the 90s will adhere to. And it’s all thanks to a little Swedish computer game called Minecraft. Clive Thompson from The New York Times Magazine has the story.