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Oscar Isaac Covers Our December 2017 Issue

PLUS: Darren Chan, CEO of TheSugarBook disrupts the older man, younger woman relationship, an interview with Gucci's latest favourite artist, Unskilled Worker and cruising the BMW 530e and more in Portugal.

BY editors | Dec 5, 2017 | Culture

Man proposes, tech disposes

There’s nothing like food to get the conversation going. Like, don’t like, love, hate. Enjoys. And that’s the great part about food: all the human compulsions on a plate and on your newsfeed.

The annual pilgrimage home, balik kampung, is a return to roots: we are ultimately bits of the earth transformed by the digestive process, ours, and the animals’ and those of what they ate. An older generation was made from local produce, within a day's walking distance of home.

This is food travel, a hopeful dive through ingredients; the animals, plants, people who made them, the earth, into our roots, genes, microbiomes, metaphorically and literally, in a journey of self and life discovery. This is the kind of exploration that the likes of James Won of Enfin has taken.

There is also the social and cultural dimension presented when sharing the stuff of life; the conviviality, bonhomie, sharing, deal-making; Roberto Guiati’s explorations in the restaurant business represent this slice of life.

But the leviathan is tech. Social media is another food planet, maybe a different galaxy or parallel universe. Can any independent food business today thrive without being Instagrammable enough? It would also be interesting to conduct research into its effects on dessert consumption, and public health.

Dessert? The unlimited 24/7 buffet is now available for relationships as well. Read all about Darren Chan’s tech enterprise, TheSugarBook.

Season’s greetings and Happy New Year. —Jason Tan, editor in chief

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