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If You’re Heading To Madrid, Don’t “Manspread”

It’s all about personal space.

BY sarah chong | Jun 12, 2017 | Culture

Keep to one seat and one seat only i.e. don’t ‘manspread.’ That’s the message commuters in Madrid wants to send and implement. In case you didn’t know, ‘manspreading’ is when a man spreads his legs – wide apart. It’s fine if you want to spread your legs (and let your junk go free), just don’t invade into someone else’s space is what they’re saying.

Madrid is planning to stick signs on their public transport system that show a cartoon man with his legs spread sitting on a metro seat and a ‘X’ sign. "This new icon's mission is to remind people of the need to keep a civil behavior and respect the space of everyone on the bus. This new icon is similar to those already existing in other transport systems around the world to indicate the barring of body posture that bothers other people," the Madrid Municipal Transport Company said.