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A Handsome Pakistani Tea Seller Has Become A Model After His Picture Went Viral

​He is pretty handsome, to be fair.

BY Finlay Renwick | Oct 21, 2016 | Culture

Jiah Ali

A handsome Pakistani tea seller has won a modelling gig and semi-broken the internet after his brooding, mustachioed picture was shared all over the world.

Jiah Ali, a photographer based in Islamabad, posted a picture of 18-year-old Arshad Khan on Instagram after spotting the 'chai wala' (tea seller in English) at the city's Sunday Bazaar. 



#chaiwala  Ladies I found him!

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Thousands of social media users have since shared the picture, and Khan has already been signed up to model for the Pakistani a shopping site 

His debut advert is quite brilliant.

Fashion Wala

Ms Ali wrote on her Facebook page that Khan was "very happy" about his sudden fame.

"His family have been living in Islamabad for 25 years, previously he was a fruit seller at the same Sunday market but three months ago he started working at the tea stall.

"He would love to accept modelling/acting offers. People have been asking about his reaction, he's very confused right now and is overwhelmed with all the attention. He's confused, scared and happy all at the same time.

"He doesn't mind being called a 'chai wala', and yes he is getting a lot of offers!"

Khan told a local TV station that "40 to 50 girls" had visited him within hours of his photo going viral, while others mentioned his role in easing Pakistani-Indian tensions.





Good work Arshad.


From: Esquire UK