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Funniest Tweets Compilation: When Germany Got Kicked Out Of The World Cup By South Korea

And no one’s ever letting them forget this one.

BY Jayme Teoh Jiah Mae | Jun 28, 2018 | Culture


Germany became the last defending champion to be eliminated out of the World Cup at the first hurdle following a defeat by South Korea. In a surprising and enthralling end to the match, Kim Young-gwon’s 92nd minute goal – left Germany on the brink of elimination. This is the second time ever that Germany have been eliminated from the First Round of the World Cup, the last time being in 1938. This year seems even more distant when you consider the fact that Hitler was the country’s leader then and only 15 teams participated. Last night’s game certainly left many in a state of shock (and others over the moon *ahem Mexico*). Here are some of the funniest Twitter reactions to this unforgettable match.

Many Germany fans will want answers from their team and the manager, but one Twitter user suggested Low had questions himself...


South Korea's players and fans celebrated as if they'd won the entire thing, even though Sweden winning 3-0 against Mexico sent them home. They have, however, found fans for life in Central America, as their win thereby helps Mexico qualify for the next round.


Mexicans are so happy that they marched over to Korean embassy to celebrate.


And it's not just the Korean consul general that Mexicans are celebrating with. Practically every Korean on the streets of Mexico should expect a party. 


Yup, K-pop is finally a hit in Mexico.


And it isn't just Mexico who are happy about South Korea's win. Others are also ecstatic about it, including some Brazilians.


Let's just say, the World Cup so far can pretty much be summed in this one tweet.


We strongly recommend searching up #KORGER for more hilarious tweets.