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Rumble in the jungle, Kelantan style

Thing is, the jungle. We’ll need some of it left for oxygen and water. And other people. And animals. You know, life.

BY editors | Feb 28, 2017 | Culture

Jules Ong/ CNA Insider

Even if you aren’t a fan of Leo Dicaprio, climate change will happen in our lifetimes anyway.

Budding tree huggers in the city will know that Earth Hour happens this month, on Mar 25. Switch off your lights for an hour, count the energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions all around the world.

And then try the carbon footprint calculator which tells you how heavy you feel to mother nature, i.e. how much energy your lifestyle consumes.

Forests provide shelter, fuel and income for around a billion people. They also happen to produce the oxygen we all breathe, and regulate rainfall and climate patterns around the world.

But we lose forest daily -- and oxygen, water and life -- to industrial farming, infrastructure projects, poor economics, corruption, criminals and consumption. The rate of loss is estimated at one football pitch every 1.2 seconds, or 48 football fields a minute, calculates WWF

So during Earth Hour, we could lose 2,880 football fields worth of natural forest, or maybe 2,879, because the lights are off. For an hour.

So Earth Hour on Mar 25 is just a little reminder of what's going on, but it won't fix the stuff that most need to be fixed. 

This video on what's been taking place in Kelantan, for example, gives an idea of the task ahead. Watch it on Channel News Asia on Astro (Tuesday 28 February, 8PM) or watch it here.