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Celebrities That Best Trolled The 10-year Challenge

Which is the right thing to do really.

BY JOY LING | Jan 25, 2019 | Culture

It almost seems like the faster the years go, the faster the Internet churns out viral trends. We were just on the egg last week, and here we are with the rise of the #10YearChallenge. Almost makes ice bucket seem like yesterday. However, there isn’t much of a good cause behind the challenge this time. In fact, one highly discussed tweet by tech author Kate O’Neill, which later grew into a Wired article, discussed a possible hidden agenda—data mining for Facebook’s facial recognition technology.

Of course, Facebook has responded, a bit ironically, on the fun people were having on its site, via a tweet.


The challenge has also sparked several thought-provoking articles of the 10-year challenge of things that actually matter like worldwide poverty (this one’s positive) and climate change (this one’s not so positive). But you don’t care about all that, do you? You’re just here for the celebrities who didn’t conform to the vain excuse of a glo-up or anti-aging boast (going so far as to volunteer a 20-year challenge). Well, so did we.




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Here, the DJ references actor James Van Der Beek, who played him on What Would Diplo Do?.


The diva herself

Jesse Tyler Ferguson


Everyone’s doing it. 2009-2019 #tenyearchallenge

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Brie Larson​

Josh Brolin


And of course, Deadpool​

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