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When Push Comes To Shove, Shove Sovereignty

China to offer cruises to the disputed Spratly Islands.

BY Jason S Ganesan | Jun 26, 2016 | Culture

Wikipedia Commons

It looks as though China will have to look elsewhere to mine for sh*ts to give, because they have run completely out.

When everyone else was busy making limp assertions about who owns what in the Spratlys—including us, of course—China just went ahead and built a Great Wall of Sand. And threw in military bases for fun, just because they knew nobody can actually stop them.

And now, there is a further dearth of sh*ts as China wants to offer civilian cruises to the group of islands by 2020.

China Daily reported that cruises will operate from Hainan, which will also cover countries along the Xi Jinping’s ‘Maritime Silk Road’, from the South China Sea to the Mediterranean.

China is already running cruises to the nearby Paracel Islands—which, like the Spratlys, is still under dispute. And there are reportedly plans to build resorts on both sets of islands, which will probably fly in the face of the upcoming final verdict of the UN arbitration panel on the fate of the Spratlys. 

But China has already decided to pre-emptively give zero sh*ts, by claiming that it will not recognise the decision of the panel, and recently warned everyone else not to underestimate its determination to defend that which they think is theirs.

Because it is important to remember that playground disputes are not best settled by diplomacy, compromise and fairness, but by being the biggest kid—if the biggest kid also had plans to start collecting money from other kids who want to play there.