Man at His Best

What To Wear When You Ninja Up A Tower Crane

Daredevil climbs up tower crane in Terengganu in skinny jeans.

BY Jason S Ganesan | Jun 25, 2016 | Culture

The answer to the question of what to wear when illegally climbing up a tower crane is, for most people, don’t climb up a tower crane.

Amirul Iman is not most people.

The 20-year old ninjaed his way up a tower crane in Kuala Terengganu without any gear—save for his GoPro—while wearing skinny jeans and definitely non-regulation sneakers. He couldn’t even be bothered to take his baseball cap off.

Before beginning his climb, Amirul points to the top of the crane and does a blasé “Let’s go” gesture, without realising we’re good down here on the ground, thanks for asking.

Upon reaching the top and filming himself against the view of Wisma Darul Iman and the Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah Stadium from above—way above—Amirul looks at his watch and then climbs down the crane. Which, when you see his foot searching for anything vaguely horizontal, almost seems worse than the climb up.

Thankfully the video is short, so you can keep your lunch in your guts. Most of it, anyway.